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ANABEEB has designed, produced and tested a ‘Solid GRP Structural CHAMBERS / MANHOLES’ that holds phenomenal advantages for contractors, consultants, clients and operating authorities alike. Centrifugally Cast GRP Manhole is manufactured in accordance with EN 15383 and with this system, quality is assured, erection and installation is simplified and hastened (for deep CHAMBERS / MANHOLES), and the old problem of dealing with leaking joints, connections, and shaft rings is eliminated. Durability is increased and the old problem of internal shaft laminations peeling off and liners bulging is eliminated. Only Centrifugally Cast GRP pipes are better suited for this purpose as having highly compacted impermeable wall structure with a sand and resin protective outer layer and a pure resin corrosion-proof inner liner. Solid GRP Structural CHAMBERS / MANHOLES have been proposed for many reasons as a better alternative to the old conventional manhole system of reinforced concrete requiring an additional inner liner of GRP for corrosion resistance and external water proofing tanking.

Created by: iconcept llc